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At Asheville Sun Soo, we teach traditional   Tae Kwon Do (sometimes spelled "tae-kwon-do", "taekwon-do" or "taekwondo").  "Sun Soo" (pronounced 'soon-soo') is Korean for "pure spirit".  Traditional Tae Kwon Do is a whole body self defense system commonly referred to as Korean Karate.  Our classes are rigorous and  empowering, nurturing and safe -- in a family environment that will challenge you to constantly develop your whole person with excellence. Our commitment to you is to help you discover and develop the martial artist in you -- become an aware and effective person -- and experience the resulting benefits in all aspects of your life!

We have classes for everyone….ranging from 4 years old and up. We also have a variety of class times to suit your busy schedule!

3 of the Many Reasons To Practice Tae Kwon Do at Asheville Sun Soo Traditional Tae Kwon Do:

1. Physical Fitness
• Cardio Fitness • Weight Loss
• Strength • Flexibility • Coordination • Reflex -response • Balance
• Energy & Vitality

2. Internal Growth
• Focus • Discipline • Intentionality
• Confidence • Social Skills • Self Awareness
• Better School Grades / Career accomplishment / Effective Relationships
• Courtesy • Integrity • Perseverance • Self-Control • Indomitable Spirit
• Inner Sense of Peace and Personal Power

3. Self Defense
• Intelligent & Effective Use of the Body
• Defensive Techniques to Protect Self & Others
• Stranger-Danger Awareness • Bully Prevention
• Conflict Resolution Skills
• Confidence in Ability to Protect Self & Others
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